Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great Flute Repair Tip

I just found this really great site for music educators, particularly for those of us that are instrumental educators.  Thomas J. West's website is neat site with lots of great information for music educators.  There is are webcam lessons, practice tips, great performances, free original compositions, videos, photos, podcasts, teacher tips, technology tidbits and much more.  Below I have added two links for his recent posts. 


Flute Repair Tips

A Demonstration of the Value of Performing Music


  1. Thanks for the nods, Mandy. Looking through your recent posts, I see you have discovered the amazing web 2.0 tool that is Noteflight. I use Noteflight to embed music examples on class web pages, like this:

    Also, along the lines of large group improvisation, check out one of my most popular articles:

    Thanks again for sharing my site with your readers.